Vinyl peorders

VINYLS - ready in first half of March Spell 022V Sanguine Myst - Upon Sylvan Thrones (7"EP) Spell 023V Iku-Turso & Goats of Doom - Ikuinen Kuolema (7"EP) Spell 024V Kalmankantaja - Korpi (LP/MC) Spell 025V Warmoon Lord & Vultyrium - Pure Cold Impurity (LP/MC)

New Releases

New releases are ready to preorder ! CDs will be out on 29th of February, while MCs, EPs and LPs will be ready in first half of March. Spell 115 Schattenfall - Das Verderben (DigiCD) Spell 116 Í Myrkri - Drivende i Dødens Æter (CD) Spell 117 Warmoon Lord & Vultyrium - Pure Cold Impurity (DigiCD/MC)

Winter Solstice

During the magical time of Winter Solstice new spells has been casted: Spell 111 Leegte - Abandon (CD) Spell 112 Hermóðr & Poems Of The Elder - Midnight Sun (DigiCD) Spell 113 Vosbúð - Almannagjá (DigiCD) Spell 114 Kalmankantaja - Korpi (DigiCD) Preorders: Kalmankantaja & Iku-Turso - Ikuinen Tuli (LP) Hermóðr - Forest Sky (2LP)

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