Autumnal Equinox releases

The Sun has just hidden behind horizon. Autumnal Equinox has fullfilled. Fall came and two new spells has just been released into the night's embrace...

New releases available for preorder!

Spell 038 FABLE - To Glory Unknown CD Debut full-lenght album of Australia's duo. Atmospheric Pagan Metal with folk feeling. Album will be released in digipak limited to 300. Spell 039 HERMÓÐR - Above the Shadows & Past the Quiet Forest CD A compilation of two this year's EPs and two never released before tracks. All presented in 6-panel digipak and limited to 300 pieces

In Mordor Where The Shadows Are - Homeage to Summoning

Summoning has been a great inspiration for me since the 90s. I've been worshiping Their Music since I hear it. Due to this I've decided to organize a Tribute release to pay homage for their creation. It will be a official release under agreement of Summoning and Napalm Records Expect it this autumn/winter. (This is not a front cover) Below is a list of a participating bands and songs they've choosen: Mesarthim- Grey Havens Druadan Forest - Beyond Bloodred Horizons Azaghal (Official) - Where Winters Forever Cry Thy Light- Lugburz Oþalan - The passing of the grey company Evilfeast - Morthond Xaosis - Marching Homewards Kalmankantaja - Through the Forest of Dol Guldur Galdur - Angband

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