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In Mordor Where The Shadows Are - Homeage to Summoning

Summoning has been a great inspiration for me since the 90s. I've been worshiping Their Music since I hear it. Due to this I've decided to organize a Tribute release to pay homage for their creation. It will be a official release under agreement of Summoning and Napalm Records Expect it this autumn/winter. (This is not a front cover) Below is a list of a participating bands and songs they've choosen:

Mesarthim- Grey Havens Druadan Forest - Beyond Bloodred Horizons Azaghal (Official) - Where Winters Forever Cry Thy Light- Lugburz Oþalan - The passing of the grey company Evilfeast - Morthond Xaosis - Marching Homewards Kalmankantaja - Through the Forest of Dol Guldur Galdur - Angbands Schmieden Wyrd feat. V-KhaoZ- Nightshade Forests Avathar (Fin) - Elfstone Wędrujący Wiatr- Like Some Snow-White Marble Eyes Midnight Odyssey - Where Hope and Daylight Die Mirkwood - The Rotting Horse On The Deadly Ground Severoth - A distant Flame Before the Sun Emyn Muil- Menegroth Eldamar - Land Of The Dead Elderwind - Flammifer

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