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"In Mordor Where The Shadows Are" PREORDER!

"In Mordor Where The Shadows Are - Homage to Summoning" 3CD BOX is available for preorder.

Release date: 2016-12-15

Price for preorder: 24,5€

Regular price: 29€

Shipping everywhere (1 box): 5,5€


Mesarthim - Grey Havens Druadan Forest - Beyond Bloodred Horizons Azaghal - Where Winters Forever Cry Sakristei - Soul Wandering Thy Light - Lugburz Oþalan - The Passing of the Grey Company Evilfeast - Arcenstone & Morthond Demonic Slaughter - Marching Homewards Kalmankantaja - Through the Forest of Dol Guldur Galdur - Angbands Schmieden Wyrd feat V-KhaoZ - Nightshade Forests Avathar - Elfstone Wędrujący Wiatr - Niczym Białe Oczy Bogów (Like Some Snow-White Marble Eyes) Midnight Odyssey - Where Hope and Daylight Die Mirkwood - The Rotting Horse On The Deadly Ground Severoth- A Distant Flame Before the Sun Dreams Of Nature - A New Power Is Rising Caladan Brood - Farewell Emyn Muil - Menegroth Eldamar - Land Of The Dead Elderwind - Flammifer

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