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Walpurgis Night releases.

KALMANKANTAJA & IKU-TURSO - IKUINEN TULI For the ever-burning Eternal Fire, we present to you - Ikuinen Tuli - a strong collaboration between Finland's most prolific black metal band Kalmankantaja and last year's Finnish/Dutch newcomers of Iku-Turso Kalmankantaja walks the path of sorrow with three new lengthy hymns of pagan profanity. This split contains some of their fastest material up-to-date with haunting melodies, savage shrieks and fierce musicianship. The spirit of classic Finnish black metal- HVNK KVLT. Iku-Turso’s epic psalms stem from the deep roots of Northern Finland, where there still are untrodden paths and the unforgiving cold winds blow. The necrotic howls and screams are produced in the Netherworld of The Netherlands. After a strong and well-received debut album Iku-Turso now returns with four new black metal songs reminiscent of the glorious times when Emperor’s In The Nightside Eclipse was just released and Satyricon was still producing bone-chilling black metal albums. The timeless cover art "Cult of the werewolf" was done by the esteemed Mr. Daniele Valeriani ( Mysticum, Dark funeral etc.) Digipak-CD with a 16-page booklet

DWARROWDELF - THE SONS OF FËANOR Fantastic debut album by Southampton's black metal band - Dwarrowdelf. Journey into the deep history of Middle-Earth, as the seven sons of a mad elven king struggle to uphold their oath to recover his prized jewels. Excellent Epic/Atmosperic Black Metal for fans of Summoning and Caladan Brood. Digipak-CD with a 12-page booklet

UHRILAHJA - EN FÖRDARVAD VÄRLD After very well received demo tapes Tampere's trio is back with debut album. “En Fördarvad Värld” was recorded mostly during the dark and depressive periods of 2017. Lyrics are written in three languages to achieve maximum self-expression of hate toward this wretched world that has lost it’s connection to our roots and heritage. Elements of the Finnish culture is also a source of inspiration for the essence of the album. Jewel case CD with 12-page booklet.

EZKATON - PLAGUE FOR THE EMPIRES: TIME Ezkaton is depressive/atmospheric Black Metal band from Ukraine. Hopeless and nihilistic visions for the world presented through cold and melancholic Black Metal. Jewel case CD with 12-page booklet.

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