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Summer Solstice!

The mighty Sun has just set and the shortest night of the year has begun. Summer Solstice is now fulfilled. A new Spells were casted:

Spell 078 Wintaar / Dzö-nga "Into the Heart of the Ice" - DigiCD Split album inspired by two of winter's unsolved mysteries. Wintaar channels the Dyatlov Pass Incident, while Dzö-nga's half re

counts the 1924 British Mount Everest expedition. Cold Atmospheric Black Metal Preview here:

Spell 080 Byrhtnoth - Brethren To The Fire Trumpets - CD Strong debut album from Australia! Excellent Epic Black Metal with some Dungeon Synth influences. Journey into realms of Middle-Earth suitable for Summoning fans. Matering by Henri Sorvali (Trollhouse Audio). Preview here:

Order at: Bandcamp:

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