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New releases!

It is time to present new releases under the sign of Wolfspell Records:

Spell 108 Hermóðr - A Realm Reborn & Arv Compilation of two EPs. Another Epic journey into unique Hermóðr’s realm. Excellent atmospheric black metal. Digipak limited to 300 copies.

Spell 109 Nyctophilia - Bezdeń Fifth full-lenght album. The best Grief’s work so far. Misanthropic black metal with many ambient elements. Jewel case limited to 300 copies.Cassette limited to 100 copies. Vinyl version out soon in Death Kvlt Productions

Spell 018V Sarastus - Enter the Necropolis LP Black vinyl limited to 200. Transparent red vinyl limited to 100.

Spell 109V Veldes - Flameless LP Black vinyl limited to 200. Swamp green vinyl limited to 100.

Available at

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